Customized Columbarium Designs for Memorializing Loved Ones 

Explanation of the importance of memorializing loved ones  Memorializing our loved ones is an important aspect of respecting their lives and legacies. It allows us to cherish their memories and keep them close even after they’ve passed on.   Customized columbarium designs are an excellent way of creating a meaningful memorial that reflects your loved one’s […]

Vision Strategy And Core Values

Our Vision To spread the fame of God by equipping godly generations to treasure Christ through a Gospel-centered curriculum for the church, the home, and the nations. Our Strategy In order to display God’s great glory; we will: Produce a gospel-centered curriculum which allows every child, birth through high school, to study the same Scripture […]

Why Teaching Kids Theology Matters

This past weekend, we were privileged to host Dr. Bruce Ware for a symposium on the problem of evil. In hearing him teach, I was reminded of some very important foundational principles that we as believers should never back down from and should be teaching to our children. This is where the rubber hits the […]


“At what age can my child truly believe?” “What does a child need to know and do to become a Christian?” These are just a couple of the many questions about children and saving faith. The simple truth is God sent His only Son to redeem all people. Christian author Art Murphy says it this […]

Are You A Happy Person?

Are you a happy person? It’s not a silly question. Truthfully, the way that you answer that question says a lot about you. Here lately, the Lord has been revealing to me that happiness cannot be determined by what happens to you but by who you are. In other words, if you have to look […]

Leading Your Child Toward Authentic Faith

A father asked me if I would meet with him about his son’s interest in becoming a Christian. This dad shared with me that his son wanted to become a Christian so he could take communion with their family on Sunday mornings. During our meeting, I asked the dad if there were any other indicators […]

Undeniable Evil

In the last 6 months we as a nation have experienced tragedy on a seemingly unprecedented scale. From the Newtown shootings, to the Gosnell abortion clinic murders, to the bombing at the Boston marathon, it seems as if the hurt just keeps on coming. In the wake of such grief and pain it is only […]


Free Samples: If you would like to download FREE curriculum samples, please click the registration link below to become a Treasuring Christ member. Once you have registered, you can log in and download full color, high resolution PDFs of Lessons Five, Ten and Thirteen. The Sample lessons contain all four age groups as well as […]

Dealing with our Lost Loved One

Headstone monuments and memorial benches help people to commemorate their lost loved ones. They also enable people to celebrate deceased individuals whose works or visions made a huge impact on the society. Headstones used in cemeteries usually feature the date of death, date of birth and name of the deceased with a prayer or personal […]

Are You An Over-Protective Parent?

Are You An Over-Protective Parent?

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit it. I’m an overprotective parent. I have a tendency to overdo it and obsess over the little things that don’t really matter. I guess that’s why I was intrigued by TIME magazine’s cover story a couple of years ago, “The Case Against Over-Parenting: Why Mom and Dad Need […]